For most people who have more than one watch, the idea of a watch collection sounds pretty normal. Accordingly, the matter of your watch collection's safety rises. What should you do with it when out of town for a few days, or even when you leave home for work every day? Here are a few effective watch storage options that should help you prevent your precious items from being stolen or fall victim to fire and other hazards.

Don't Trust Bank Deposit Boxes?

No problem! You should be able to easily find clever home storage procedures for your watches that should not cost you a lot of money – so you can always check your collection and gain immediate access to it without having to drive all the way to your bank.

  • Buy a safe and have it installed in your home. Opt for a simple metal safe you should have not problem finding at the local hardware store, or order one online for extra convenience. Hide the safe wherever you find most suitable around the house. Choose an electronic lock or a mechanical locking mechanism – whatever you find most suitable, or whatever your locksmith recommends. If you do not have a lot of experience with safes and locks altogether, or you are clueless as how to work a lock on a safe, it is best to first call a local home locksmith in the area. Ask them to come over and instruct you on the proper way of storing things in a safe and using their locks.

  • Add a bolt to further secure your safe, as the simple locks most safes come with usually enable thieves to easily pick them. Have a locksmith install the bolt for you or ask them to build you a completely tailor-made safe. You could go crazy and ask them to add the same lacquer finish as your favorite car, and insert your desired number of watch winders inside.

  • Just make sure the safe meets strict security standards and is also too heavy heavy to be carried away. You should also opt for a safe that can cause a delay before the watches inside go up in flames in case of a home fire.

  • You can also use watch winders that will keep your watches running and help you prevent having to adjust them when you want to wear them. See if the winder has a program and if it is quiet enough when in operating mode. You should also check if the winder has batteries or a power plug. In case you wish to store the winder in the safe, you should opt for a winder that is operated by batteries.

Properly Secure Your Home!

This is yet another critical aspect to put into practice when pondering your safe watch collection storage options. Whether you will opt for a safe or a simple watch storage box you can hide around the house, one thing is for sure: you need your home to be as difficult to break into as possible. You can only achieve this by hiring a security expert or a trained locksmith who can recommend the most relevant solutions for your particular doors, windows, garage doors that are interconnecetd to your home, fence and the list goes on.