Horological Services
Mark C. Heist, Watchmaker, CC, CW21
Theresa Heist, Associate
Charles W. Emslie, LWT, CW21
Phone : (610) 367-7337
Fax: (610) 367-7342
Factory Certified Breitling Service Center

Precision Service

Service limited to fine Swiss, European, or American timepieces.
-High Grade Mechanical or Quartz
-Complications, specializing in Chronographs
-Antique and Vintage
-High Grade Clocks, (Atmos, French Carriage, Etc...)


Questions about your vintage watch or the types of service we offer? Please read our F.A.Q. by clicking Here.

Vintage Timepieces

Our speciality is in the restoration of Vintage Breitling Timepieces. For more information regarding Vintage restoration, please click Here.

Modern Service

We are a Factory Certified Breitling Service Center. We can also provide service for other brands.

Contact Us

Phone: (610) 367-7337
Fax: (610) 367-7342
E-mail: horological@dejazzd.com
Office Hours: By Appointment Only


The answers to commonly asked questions regarding our service.

Vintage Service

Vintage Watch Restoration is our speciality, with the greatest focus on Vintage Breitling.

Modern Service

Modern Watch repair and maintenance is an important part of ownership, here is information regarding having your watch serviced by Breitling.

Work Samples

Samples of the types of repairs that we have done.

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